Scent Lamp Diffusers

Elegant OONZIE Scent Lamps, crafted from pale oak & glass, provide exquisite 24/7 fragrance with warm ambient light after dark.

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Original Irish Design

OONZIE home fragrance products are crafted in scenic Carlingford, Ireland from oak, glass, tiny LED lights, & pure essential oils. Our Scent Lamps provide an elegant alternative/ complement to scented candles and ultrasound diffusers.

Warm LED light from the oak base shimmers on the clear fragrance oil, while natural fibre reeds scent your surroundings 24 hours a day - with or without use of the light.

Choose from six long-lasting and refillable fragrance options: calming white florals and gently uplifting citrus scents, both hand-blended with 100% pure essential oils.

Ideal for housewarming and birthday presents, or corporate, anniversary, and get-well gifts, OONZIE Scent Lamps suit all occasions and all living spaces, indoors and outdoors.

Pet-friendly & Sustainable.

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  • The Irish Times

    "Lovely low key lighting and fragrance refills for a lasting eco-friendly gift." Kathleen O'Callaghan.

  • Leading influencer Triona McCarthy recommends OONZIE in her Sunday Independent piece on Irish gift ideas. Article 
  • Irish Independent Magazine

    "Multitasking home products
    make life easier, especially if you’re short on space. More reason then to love OONZIE Scent Lamps which combine warm LED light with scented reeds on a chic oak base." Katie Byrne, The Weekend Hit List.

  • Sustainability

    At OONZIE Ireland, we care deeply about where our natural ingredients come from, and we know that our customers care too.

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Emma Zacharopoulu, Brand Manager: 085 234 1277

Nicky Campbell, Sales Manager: 087 319 4940

Una Brankin Murphy, Founder: 0044 77 20634940