Fragrance Fit For a Queen - OONZIE'S Royal Connection

Fragrance Fit For a Queen - OONZIE'S Royal Connection


Knowing her death was imminent, Queen Elizabeth planned her funeral to the very last detail. And that included the flowers on her coffin. It was a casual arrangement of blooms from her garden at Windsor, and they gave an elegant personal touch in the middle of the pomp and ceremony. 

Myrtle and rose were prominent in the wreath. Although the display looked informal, the late Queen’s choices were full of significance. Myrtle is an evergreen shrub with black berries and fragrant white or pink flowers. It symbolises love, beauty, and loyalty, and it's often used at baptisms, as well as in weddings. 

Royal brides since Queen Victoria carry this ‘herb of love’ in their bouquets – even Meghan Markle had sprigs of it from a plant used in Queen Elizabeth’s wedding bouquet in 1947. Although the longevity of Meghan and Harry’s union remains to be seen, the late Queen chose her home-grown myrtle for her funeral wreath to signify her long, happy marriage to her teenage sweetheart, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh. 

She also chose white, red and pink roses from her garden. Pink roses at funerals convey gratefulness, while red roses signify deep respect and love. Along with myrtle, they make a lovely combination – but an even more fragrant alliance is the lemon variety of myrtle, with white rose. 

Native to Australia, lemon myrtle is beautifully crisp, clean, slightly sweet, and much more naturally citrussy than lemon verbena. 

OONZIE Scent Lamps chose it to blend with their white rose fragrance oil (more subtle than red or pink rose) for their illuminated reed diffusers. White rose has delicate undertones of musk, violet and citrus, making it a perfect partner for lemon myrtle. It signifies loyalty and purity, and the late Queen was known to wear the perfume White Rose, by Floris, the long-established English perfumiers (1730). 

A year on from that majestic funeral, the much younger (and Irish) OONZIE Scent Lamp makers have been surprised at how many of their customers know the significance of their Lemon Myrtle & Rose fragrance oil and the connection to Queen Elizabeth’s gorgeous wreath. 

"She was well regarded by many of our customers for the support she showed for the Peace Process and reconciliation, says OONZIE herself. "“We had blended those oils long before her passing, but we were charmed by the coincidence and the monarch’s message of love and loyalty. It gives a lovely connotation to our Lemon Myrtle & Rose Scent Lamp, which is one of our best sellers.” 

The OONZIE 200ml (USB) Scent Lamp (€49.99) is available in Lemon Myrtle & Rose; Bergamot & Oak Moss; and French Lavender & Coconut. 

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