24/7 Home Fragrance - Wax Free

Keeping your home consistently fragranced all year round without scented candles is easier than you think.

The secret lies in scent layering - which is comparable to using the same/similar fragrance in your bath/shower products and your body lotion/ perfume.

Step One: Clean your surfaces with aromatic products. There are plenty of  fragranced kitchen and bathroom cleaners available and you can always make your own with well diluted white vinegar, baking soda, and a dash of your favourite essential oil. Match the latter your home fragrance.

Step Two: pour a few drops of essential oil into your vacuum cleaner and sweepers before tackling your floor coverings.

Step Three: Open windows regularly to let the air in, even when it’s Baltic. It may sound counter-intuitive to preserving your home fragrance but airing your rooms helps prevent a build-up of domestic odours from cooking, pets, mats, and dust.

Step Four: Use good quality reed fragrance diffusers. Throughout your home. The good brands scent your rooms 24/7 for months, depending on the volume of fragrance oils included. (OONZIE 200ml can last up to nine months, depending on how many reeds are used and how often they are flipped.)

Step Five:  Place a few drops of an essential oil (compatible with the reed fragrance) on a ball of cotton wool and place it in a wastepaper basket, kitchen/bathroom bin, and on/behind a radiator. A few drops in a little bowl of water on the radiator will have a similar effect.

Step Six: use room sprays daily. Look for 100% pure natural oils when buying. The premium brands may cost a little more but their fragrances are longer lasting. Spritz lightly on upholstery cushions, and lamp/light shades, if the spray is suitable for fabrics.

Our fresh new OONZIE Room Sprays can be combined with our Scent Lamps and diffusers for the most effective scent layering.

Choose from 200ml sprays in Lemon Myrtle & Rose, Bergamot, or Soft French Lavender, and 100ml sprays in Jasmine & Sandalwood, White Tea (Camellia), or Little Star Orchid.

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