They're no longer called air fresheners.

Too 'common'. And so reminiscent of a well known 'fabric freshener' so toxic it drives me straight outside the offending space for a breath of fresh air.

Courtney Cox calls hers 'Room Deodorants'.  Another upmarket name for this product is 'Room Mist', but that reminds me of cooking disasters.

At OONZIE, we considered 'Home Fragrance Spritzers' for our version, but decided it was too much of a mouthful. So we've opted for the straightforward 'Room Spray'.

However, therein lies another issue.

I spray 100ml Little Star Orchid or the more exotic Jasmine & Sandalwood in the car, including the boot/trunk.

And I carry the elegant White Tea/Camellia (also 100ml) in my handbag to blitz any nasty niffs on the train or public loos. It also leaves a gorgeous lingering fragrance on my purse and tissues.

I can't put 'room/car/handbag/public pong buster' on the label, but this handy little atomiser is much more than a spray for rooms.

At home, I also use the larger 200ml sprays. The lovely fresh Bergamot goes into my Wellington boots and other footwear.

It gives the back hall and shoe cupboard the aroma of a Mediterranean citrus orchard, instead of a Carlingford sheep dung heap.

The soft French Lavender spray is reserved for the bedrooms, and the guest room/ bathroom. Anyone who stays loves the hint of coconut that comes from the vanilla in the blend. It also has a powdery scent, that makes it quite feminine.

My favourite 200ml spray is our original signature blend, Lemon Myrtle & Rose (LMR). It goes everywhere. The front hall and living room are already fragranced by the LMR scent lamp diffusers, which can be refreshed by a flip of the bamboo reeds.

But for an extra spritz of fragrance when the occasion demands it, the LMR is sprayed into every corner, nook and cranny of the whole house. It goes well with the other fragrances, anyway -  they're all citrussy and white floral based.

No-one can ever quite pinpoint the blend in our Lemon Myrtle & Rose, as as it's a more gentle citrus than ordinary lemon, with a subtle, less cloying rose oil. It also has a little drop of eucalyptus in the mix.

Yet it's our best-selling fragrance. I hope you like it in the spray form, along with our balmy Bergamot, Soft French Lavender, Little Star Orchid, Jasmine & Sandalwood, and the lovely White Tea/Camellia.

An elegant option for scent layering in your home at Christmas time.


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