The One Where Rachel Gets A Luxury ScentLamp

The One Where Rachel Gets A Luxury ScentLamp

Jennifer Aniston is still one of the most influential A-listers in the world, even though she acts her way through interviews these days, never letting her hair swishing guard down.

Which is admirable, given that she doesn’t sleep well. Anyway, Ms Aniston is mentioned here because:

1. She says she uses lavender in her home spa and infra-red sauna to relax

2. She’s right

3. Oonzie has a lovely French Lavender ScentLamp to promote

So, while we can’t all have the A-lister’s pampering facilities at home, we can infuse our surroundings with her favourite relaxing fragrance. Ms Aniston doesn’t specify the type of lavender she uses, but Oonzie prefers the French variety.

So what’s the difference?

Well, English lavender is quite like rosemary, which Oonzie dislikes.
French lavender, produced in Provence, has a stronger fragrance – more piney, with a sweet floral note, which suits the luxurious Fragrance & Light collection and its classic floral/citrussy theme.

Ms Aniston’s lavender oils are prominent in her spa Sundays, as she calls them. Oonzie wouldn’t go too heavy on them for her Saturday night soak, but the beautifully minimalist French Lavender ScentLamp would be illuminated on the bedside table for the post-bath luxuriating/reading/watching Netflix/playing online scrabble.

These activities don’t usually last long. The combination of the calming fragrance and the shimmering lamplight are so lulling that they induce a lovely restful sleep.

Oonzie must send one to Ms Aniston for her insomnia.

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