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Oonzie Scent Lamps

Cordless Scent Lamp

Cordless Scent Lamp


* OONZIE 100ml cordless Scent Lamp diffusers provide a glow equivalent to candlelight or a nightlight.  Three AAA batteries are required (we are prohibited from posting them).

* The 100ml Scent Lamp is pre-filled with a choice of three gorgeous fragrances: Jasmine & Sandalwood; Little Star Orchid, and White Tea (Camellia), AND and can be refilled with the originals and French Lavender, Bergamot and our signature fragrance, Lemon Myrtle & Rose, in 200ml bottles lasting up to six month. the 100ml fragrances last up to three months.

* Central to the design is the seductive combination of light-shimmer on clear essential oil.

* The warm led light is emitted via an oak wood base, while natural fibre reeds provide fragrance 24 hours a day- with or without the light on.

* Scent options for the Fragrance & Light collection range from deeply relaxing and calming, to gently uplifting and revitalising.

* Potently aromatic for up to three months, the range has been carefully selected with specific living and workspaces in mind, indoor and outdoor.


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